$497.00 USD

Lead Gen Masterclass

Want my help learning to generate leads for your coaching, consulting, creative or freelance business - on purpose?

Not the kind that accidentally fall into your lap… Or the kind that take weeks to months to actually turn into clients…

But my “I want to pay for this program” or “I need a cash injection” or “I need to fill this gap in my roster” or “I’m ready to start getting more clients on purpose” lead gen strategies that help you increase your revenues ASAP?

Maybe you’re pivoting some of your audience or services and want to get the premium people you already have in your audience to raise their hand?

Maybe you don’t have an audience at all and you’re just ready to learn how to do some prospecting while you wait for the networking and content to do it’s thing?

And preferably, you’d like to do it all without feeling super f*cking gross doing pitch-slap cold DMs, yes?

I’ve been asked in the DM’s quite a bit, both from clients and followers, what my strategies are for this kind of direct prospecting.

Because the truth is there is very little information available online, or in programs, about PROSPECTING.

It’s all “use your audience” or “use your network” or “build an audience/network and then use it” and never “hey here’s how you send an email to someone you’d like to work with that’ll actually get read and maybe turn into a project sooner than September” or “here’s how to do a cash-injection post if you DO have an audience so you can boost your sales or draw out a specific type of client” - so I’m fixing that.

Introducing Lead Gen Jumpstart - The Weirdo’s Guide to Prospecting.

This is a full six-week program that ran LIVE in August of 2023.

There are STRATEGIES and FRAMEWORKS and ACCOUNTABILITY and COLLABORATION and PEER SUPPORT - but this isn't some cookie cutter "copy and paste my copy formula and magically be successful" program. Nor are these platform-specific tips.

This is platform agnostic - you can take it to whatever social networks you want.

AND this makes room for you, in all of your glorious weirdness.

⁣You’ll have 5 or more strategies for lead generation that you can choose and use ON DEMAND, whether you have an audience or not.⁣


I’ll personally walk you through at least 5 different strategies to generate leads in your business, from targeted cold emailing to leveraging posted gigs, slingshot opportunities that leverage other connections, and more. Each method will be broken down into research → strategy → execution, with examples and templates for you to start from. (And none of them were generated by ChatGPT, I promise.)

⁣There are TWO WAYS to get access to this program:

1. Pay in full , one-time payment for the program on its own. This is a mid-3-figure amount, and includes everything above. OR

2. Join Solo School and get it included with all of your other programs, trainings, and group coaching. This is going to be the core program for Solo School, teaching people to kick-start their lead gen - so if you’re a member, you’ll get access automatically.