Social Media Masterclass

Want my help creating an audience that actually buys your stuff and reads your content, WITHOUT having to batch it all out ahead of time or "be consistent" and boring AF?

The truth is, there are a TON of programs out there that teach you social media tactics. Like, a ton. And most of them require consistency, and boring stuff, and algorithmish things, or being spammy and gross, and then when you inevitably DO drop off for a day or week or month?


"Why didn't you just do it? You must not be committed."

BLEH. I've been there. I've been in those programs. I've probably invested over $100k in my online education at this point, since *before social media was a thing, yall.*

For the past 3 months, I've been in my lab (*now underground secret lab) dreaming up the BEST possible way to help people like you + I get a foothold in this online space.

Without all the neurotypical consistency, batching, algorithm, boring arse stuff that everyone else is teaching.

WITH an accessible pricetag
AND with a real guarantee.

Because over the past 18 months, I've gone from freelancer using only outreach to get clients, to having an actual mailing list + Facebook group + social media audience.

Is it huge? No. (That's what she said.)

But has it sustained my business and helped me grow past $100k in sales within 18 months? Well, yeah. Yeah it did. And profitability is a wee bit more important than those vanity metrics, yes?

So today, I am pleased to be releasing to you:

💥 The 100 Days of Content Challenge That Will Actually Get You Eyeballs and Sales For Real This Time (Only for ADHDers)💥

(Now known as the Social Media Masterclass for short.)

This new audience framework is designed to help you build an audience that can sustain a revenue-generating business in less than 100 days, following me step-by-step...ish.

There are STRATEGIES and FRAMEWORKS and ACCOUNTABILITY and COLLABORATION and PEER SUPPORT - but this isn't some cookie cutter "copy and paste my copy formula and magically be successful" program. Nor are these platform-specific tips.

This is platform agnostic - you can take it to whatever social networks you want.

AND this makes room for you, in all of your glorious weirdness.

I’ll not only teach you how to start producing engaging content right away, but also show you how to build a sustainable content process that doesn't require consistency - that will last years and years to come. ⁣

With that said, this is the *beta* of this program. The recordings of the live run. The first chance. So it's a bit more affordable than it will be once it's all polished up.⁣ So get it now, before I get the final version done and 2x the price ;) 

$497.00 USD