$222.00 USD

5-Figure Packages

My brain doesn't "do" time like neurotypical brains.

First of all, I need more time to do certain things, like switching tasks or understanding verbal instructions.

Then there's also the time blindness thing, where it goes slow and fast at the same time and all that exists is now.

And of course there's my superpower, where I can accomplish more in 6 hours than most NT people can in a few days of slow and steady IF I'm hyperfocused on it.

But I'm also slowly accepting that I need more time.

And sure, NT people want that time, too! But I need *more* time for those things, because they take longer. More coordination. More effort. More executive functioning. More transition time.

For me, building a business that gives me freedom meant more than just taking Friday afternoons off.

It means leaving space for burnout weeks and bad days, allowing for transition time between work and home, and the flexibility to do non-work things during 9-5 and do work things outside of 9-5. When it works for ME.

One of the key ways I did this was the way I structured and priced my packages for clients.

Having high-ticket, long-term clients on monthly payments meant consistent income even during off weeks.

Specific deliverables meant planning work with extra time for bad days, bad weeks, and weird hours.

And premium pricing meant less context switching, fewer transitions, and less time.

And in this workshop, I teach you how I do it.

How to structure offers and packages of done-for-you services in ways that work for NT brains. NOT one size fits all, but a path to figure out and package what works for you as an individual with unique needs.

How to price those packages based on their value to your clients, not your confidence level that week, while ensuring that you're as profitable as possible.

How to structure deals so that clients get to try before they buy, making sales conversations a LOT easier.

How to create packages that give you 3, 6, even 12 months of consistent 4+ figure income EACH so you can hit your income goals faster...

And pretty much everything else I know about packages and pricing.

Package your services for freedom.

Price your services for profitability.

Let's make some time magic together ✨️