A business school,
built for your weird self?

Learn how to build and scale a business that works with your brain.


This isn't your grandma's MBA.

Learn the soft skills you need to succeed in business in a room full of ADHD and autistic humans like you, from sales to copy, ops to admin, and more - all here, in one place.

Want to grow your business, get more clients, raise your rates, and work less - without having to “be consistent”, watch endless hours of boring video, follow cookie cutter formulas, or use icky bro-marketing tactics?

I’ve taken dozens and dozens of courses in my nearly two-decade entrepreneurial career. When I started to transition from freelancing to this whole creator schtick, I was in half a dozen courses at once. I was trying to learn how to do this, and everyone had BIG freaking promises that their method was the way I was going to do it.

I ended up spending over $50k, and here’s what it got me:

  • A calendar full of group calls I didn’t have time to attend
  • A bookmarks tab full of courses that I never finished
  • A list of actual useful templates and things from the courses I treated like a library
  • A whole lot of ways I didn’t want to grow my business, because I tried them and they felt gross
  • A bunch of tactics I could only attempt to implement because I already knew sh1t like copywriting, sales, pricing, offer building, etc. - which those programs didn’t teach
  • And then a few gross, shame-filled experiences of the times I showed up to get coached and got told things like “just do it anyway” or “it’s not a big deal” or “you must not want it bad enough.”

In traditional neurodivergent weirdo style, I managed to forge my own path and make a way through all the stuff that wasn’t serving me to something that did. I “made it”. We’re on track to break $250k this year, which feels so freaking cool, because now I can create good jobs and invest in awesome people.

But even the neurodivergent “friendly” spaces I was in weren’t actually neurodivergent FOCUSED spaces, which left me feeling scared to ask questions and unable to actually implement what they were teaching.

I wish, when I started my business in 2004, that there was a place focused on filling those gaps. On teaching things like sales, copy, offer building, being a good service provider, how to do proposals, how to retain clients, how to build an audience on social, how to do collaborative promos like summits and bundles without losing your mind, how to do email marketing and special promotions, how to network online…

You know, all the skills that make everyone else’s tactics actually work.

And I wish, beyond all wishes, that it had been built for people like me who can’t show up consistently, who can’t follow cookie cutter, rigid, linear ways of learning, who deal with RSD, who struggle the ways I do.

But it didn’t exist. Then or now.

So I built it.

Introducing the world’s first
πŸ’₯ Neurodivergent Business SchoolπŸ’₯

Not ND-friendly… ND-FOCUSED.


Solo School - the business school for neurodivergent entrepreneurs.

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For people who are tired of feeling broken in other programs, and want to develop the soft skills necessary to implement whatever tactics they want.

Because look - every tactic will WORK, if you have the skills and desire to make it work for you.

This school is meant to fill those gaps, and give you the skills, in a way that was designed for neurodivergent minds.

So you can show up feeling good enough.

So you can know there are no “st*pid questions” because we all have the same questions.

So your calendar isn’t filled with group calls that feel like getting called to the principals office.

What's Included?

Instead of focusing on delivering 20+ hours of boring video on a single set of tactics, each month we focus on developing a new skill.

We provide all sorts of ways to access that knowledge. Live workshops, workshop replays, mini-courses built from the workshops, peer support forums, group calls, and ANONYMOUS supports.

So we’re all developing our soft skills together, so our businesses grow together.

And then, each focus area gets added to the library - and you have access to the whole thing.

So you can progress with us when you want to, and on your own when you don’t.

We already have planning, Notion, copy, and 5 figure packages available for you to dive into. The rest of 2023 we’ll be adding LIVE and recorded workshops and mini-courses on:

  • Networking online
  • Proposal writing
  • Sales for service providers
  • Customer retention (making more with fewer clients overall)
  • Summits and collaborative promotions (so you can grow QUICKLY)
  • Email marketing and special promotions
  • Offer building

Plus future mini courses on tools like Descript, Canva, Kajabi, Calendly, and more. Plus guest courses created by neurodivergent experts in things like sales, operations, time management, productivity, and more.

Without all the neurotypical consistency, batching, algorithm, boring arse stuff that everyone else is teaching.

WITH an accessible investment for the all access pass. Something that still allows you to invest in other courses or programs if you want to, but this time, with all the skills and the peer backup to help you actually implement it all.

Here’s what is included:

  • Every replay of every workshop I’ve hosted since November of 2022, including Notion, Copywriting, Planning, and more. This alone is an $850+ value if purchased separately
  • Every live workshop for as long as you remain a member ($2600+ per year if purchased separately)
  • All of my mini courses, as they’re created, for as long as you’re a member (charter members paid $1k for this, each individual course will sell for $50-500 and we anticipate 20+ courses in the library within the year)
  • 2X per month live office hours group coaching calls, hosted by myself and other neurodivergent business coaches (A $6000/year if I offered these as a standalone, but right now the only way to get my group coaching is $10k+ per year)

And right now, during this special launch promo, I’m making pricing options that will ONLY be available a few times per year, plus a bonus you won’t want to miss.

This is, no lie, probably over $10k in value if you calculate it all up using prices I have actually charged people for these things, not made up "zillion dollars!" bonus lingo.

And right now, you can get it for a 3 figure sum per month, or save up to $1k when purchasing a quarterly or annual pass and get access to an exclusive group VIP day, just for quarterly and annual pass holders.



I'm Cheryl Woodhouse

When I was 16, I received my very first neurodivergent diagnosis - though I had no idea at that time what that meant. I had already been in business for over a year and was struggling with burnout. All sorts of assessments told me there might be more to my quirky self and my inability to "just do the thing" (as if there could be only one.)

It would be nearly another two decades before I would come face to face with additional neurodivergent diagnoses and finally start understanding why my business had been built in very... Unconventional ways. I created Solo School to share those ways, including the tools, resources, and teachers I used, with others like me.

"I absolutely LOVED the training btw…. Funny, fluid, informative, personal, and I got SO much out of it. You definitely overdelivered!"

- Colby Ryan

"I will admit. I was super skeptical... But I'm with the others who are saying it was hella worth it just 20 minutes in."

- Deana Tanner

"After taking the Black Friday master class, I was able to apply Cheryl's method to a couple of clients and I'm now fully booked through April 2022!"

- Amy Harrison

Enroll as a full time student and get access to everything. 

All of the 2x monthly 2-hour support calls, all past, present, and future workshops, all learning experiences and courses, community and anonymous support, everything.

We include every possible support for our full time students.

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