Build a business that works for your brain.

It's time to start learning how to build a business with skills and strategies that work for neurodivergent people like us.

Expert growth strategies, skills, education, support, community, coworking, collaboration, and all the other stuff you were promised, in a place you'll actually want to show up.



Throw out that cookie-cutter, it's time to do it different.


Business education is all built by neurotypicals, using neurotypical models.

We've all been there. You buy into a course or a training or a program or a group coaching session, and you start to struggle with the material (that is either super monotonous and can't be sped up, or has no subtitles, or hasn't considered accessibility at all, and you keep zoning out) ...

So you get on their group coaching call, with all their rules.

Show up at this time, can't be late.

Submit your questions in advance.

No context! That's boring and selfish.

And you follow allllllllll the rules and do it exactly the way you're supposed to, until the school principal...

... I mean coach ....

... calls your name. And you state your question as quickly as possible, with no side quests or tangents, no context, crossing your fingers that maybe, just maybe, they'll be able to help you figure out why it's not working.

And then they say it.

"Well, just do it the way we teach you, and it'll work."

Commence shutdown sequence.

 You agree to do it their way. You log off, crawl into a little nest, and lick your rejection-sensitive wounds. And you never go back.

To the program you PAID for.

Because they have no idea how to help you, specifically.


We're burning it down and building a new model.

We're Solo School, the world's first business development and education program exclusively for neurodivergent women, built by neurodivergent women.

After two decades growing businesses for ourselves and our agency clients, we've realized that we do things a little bit differently around here - and we're ready to share the ins, outs, ups and downs of how and why we do business differently.

We know that typical business education doesn't work for us. We need SPECIFICS.

We need things that address rejection sensitivity.

We need systems and strategies that work even when we can't be consistent.

We need to develop SKILLS, not follow cookie-cutter strategies. Things like copy, sales, social, planning, software, budgeting, and more.

This means our business strategies and education absolutely MUST:

  • Be completely custom. Don't teach me things I already know, or hand me the same plan as everyone else. I need a strategy that's aligned and an education plan built for ME.
  • Acknowledges neurodivergent symptoms, from PDA to RSD and everything in between.
  • Plan for who¬†I really am¬†and embrace¬†my unique differences and skills
  • Accommodate¬†all of my¬†other needs and responsibilities
  • Allow¬†me to show up exactly as I am, when I need it most.
  • Be accessible in a variety of formats - text, audio, and video, desktop and mobile.

The old way sucked. It didn't consider us as whole humans. We made a new way. It looks like this:

  • Weekly done-with-you strategy calls¬†- every Tuesday at 10am Pacific.¬†¬†Our judgement-free, come-as-you-are drop-in weekly 2-hour¬†strategy sessions are an ND-only space where we will:

    • Create a custom education plan to help you develop exactly the skills you need, and only the skills you need.¬†No more overwhelming wall of course materials.
    • Build a custom marketing and growth strategy built¬†specifically for your business by a neurodivergent marketing and business development expert with 20+ years of experience.
    • Hold your hand through sales processes and script development, so you can close more of your clients in fewer calls without doing the neurotypical things that feel gross
    • Provide copy reviews from a professional copywriter, so you'll know your writing will convert.
    • Review all of your new client proposals, to maximize the chances of you landing the gig.
    • Develop a social media content strategy that works WITH your inconsistency.
    • Create a custom messaging plan just for your business, so you always know what to say.
    • Structure and position all of your offers with you for maximum sustainability.
    • Price all of your offers and proposals with you, so you can be more profitable with fewer clients.
    • Strategize with you on breaking down tasks, planning projects, executive functioning hacks, and general "how to do the doing" information so you can get more done and feel less bad.
    • Help you verbally process or problem solve whatever your biggest pressing issue is, so you can stop¬†overthinking it¬†and start making progress.

  • Neurodivergent-specific¬†skills education.¬†We'll build you a completely bespoke education plan from our library of past workshop replays on everything from copy to content, sales to social, prospecting to planning and beyond, you can learn every skill required to grow your business inside. Each training is tailored specifically to neurodivergent needs, and your training plan will focus solely on filling the gaps in your skillset to align with your strategy. No more overwhelming wall of videos.
  • New training¬†on business development, management, and sustainable growth every month.¬†Project-based, inquiry-based learning with actionable, 15-minute videos (with audio and transcripts available) so you can access this education in a way that works for YOU, alternated with 2-hour "firehose style" workshops on special topics.¬†Upcoming trainings include Promos and Special Offers, Value-Based Pricing, Recurring Revenue, and more.

  • 24/7 coworking, body doubling, and parallel play in our private live rooms. Not everything needs to be asynchronous, sometimes you need someone to do things with!¬†Come join us¬†live to get stuff done - mic and camera always optional. Trying to finish work? Log on with your computer. Just needing to get things done around the house? Use the mobile app to carry us with you. Whatever you have to get done, your Solo School community is here to help you along the way.¬†

  • Text-based strategy support. Need strategy, but don't want to (or can't!) show up to a call?¬†Post on our private support community¬†in text, audio, or video, with as much context and brain-dumping as you like, and we'll respond in the same format with personalized guidance and wisdom to support you. We welcome all people who benefit from accommodations around sight and hearing, dyslexia, reading comprehension, and auditory processing issues, among dozens of other needs.¬†You don't have to show up to calls to get help.
  • Access to a community of people just like you. We're here in the text chat, the coworking spaces, the strategy calls . . . We're everywhere with you. You'll never again feel like the only person who just can't do the thing.

    Our private community, hosted here on Kajabi, is exclusive to our members which means only neurodivergent people are welcome. You can share your hyperfocus, ask how to break down a small task into a teeny step, get help breaking rumination or rejection-sensitive spirals, figure out how to come back to an old project or revive an offer or audience . . .

    Whatever you think you're the "only one" struggling with - someone else here is struggling with it, too. (Including showers. We strategize for self-care and personal support, too.)



A totally flexible tuition program that supports you where you are.

  • All weekly strategy calls
  • Your complete bespoke education plan
  • All learning experiences
  • Full community access
  • Solo School app
  • 24/7 coworking space
  • Cancel anytime

Annual (Best Value)


Contribute to our mission to create 1,000 six-figure neurodivergent entrepreneurs by 2030. Annual membership includes:

  • Everything in monthly
  • Ability to co-host or host calls and workshops
  • Build project-based learning experiences
  • Access to HelloWorld Education Framework
  • Save $567/year



"I absolutely LOVED the training btw…. Funny, fluid, informative, personal, and I got SO much out of it. You definitely overdelivered!"

- Colby Ryan

"I will admit. I was super skeptical... But I'm with the others who are saying it was hella worth it just 20 minutes in."

- Deana Tanner

"After taking the Black Friday master class, I was able to apply Cheryl's method to a couple of clients and I'm now fully booked through April 2022!"

- Amy Harrison

Meet our coaches

Solo School includes unlimited attendance at weekly sessions from ND experts like. . .

Cheryl Woodhouse

When I was 16, I received my very first neurodivergent diagnosis - though I had no idea at that time what that meant. I had already been in business for over a year and was struggling with burnout. All sorts of assessments told me there might be more to my quirky self and my inability to "just do the thing" (as if there could be only one.)

It would be nearly another two decades before I would come face to face with additional neurodivergent diagnoses and finally start understanding why my business had been built in very... Unconventional ways. I created Solo School to share those ways, including the tools, resources, and teachers I used, with others like me.

Theresa Minnoch

Theresa Minnoch, a gifted, ADHD, and dyslexic individual.  A widow and the devoted mother of four neurodivergent children, Theresa's journey is one of resilience and advocacy. She is the driving force behind The Neurodiverse Life Coach, serving as its Owner and CEO. Her work includes the development of Mind Ascend, a comprehensive ND business program, and The Neurodivergent Business Leaders course, empowering individuals within the neurodiverse community to thrive in the business world.

Amy Harrison

Amy Harrison is the Founder & Force of Pixels & Pieces Design. She is a graphic and web designer from Halifax, Nova Scotia. She holds a graphic design diploma, a BA (English) from Acadia University, as well as a Masters of Science in Publishing from PACE University in New York. She completed the CEED Entrepreneurship Program and is qualified Project Management Professional (PMP). Pixels & Pieces is officially certified by WBE Canada as a women business enterprise.

Amy‚Äôs why is ‚Äėto empower others so that we see opportunity‚Äô. Her DIY friendly approach helps her clients gain confidence and see their potential. The intersection of neurodiversity, creativity, and practicality offer Amy‚Äôs clients a unique experience.


Not ND-friendly, ND focused.

These comprehensive, hands on learning experiences are either a firehose of information (with some supports) or hands-on, practical learning. Nothing in between.

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