Unlimited success for unconventional humans.

Welcome to the world's first entrepreneurship school, exclusively for neurodivergent adults.

Expert growth strategies, skills, education, support, community, coworking, collaboration, and all the other stuff you were promised, in a place you'll actually want to show up.

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What is Solo School?

Solo School is an online education program designed specifically and exclusively for neurodivergent adults, including those with ADHD and autism. Our goal is to provide accessible ways for solo and small business owners to create a sustainable source of income outside of traditional employment, so they can achieve greater income equality without having to sacrifice the accommodations that are so essential to neurodivergent support. 

Solo School is different from other education programs in a few very important ways:

  1. Our founder, coaches, instructors, admin team, and program coordinators are all neurodivergent. There isn't a single person on our team who won't "get" what you're going through.

  2. We've centered neurodiversity in our programming. We don't teach sales calls, we teach "how to sell without triggering rejection sensitivity." We don't teach copywriting, we teach "how to write better copy using your pattern recognition." We treat neurodivergence as a feature, not a bug.

  3. Our curriculum is based on 20+ years of real world business experience. From physical products to tourism, education to ecommerce, software to transportation and more, our team has supported businesses from dozens of industries.

  4. We work with other experts and organizations. Over the next 5 years, we aim to provide adapted materials to some of the best business education on the planet to our students. You're not learning one person's way of doing things, you're learning from the best.


Meet our free AI productivity coach.

Built on ChatGPT, we built what we feel is the world's best productivity assistant for neurodivergent folks.

Feeling overwhelmed with your task list? Throw everything into the F*ck It Bucket (that's what it's called) and it will help you prioritize and schedule out your entire day.

Get stuck, unable to complete a specific task? No problem! Tell your new bucket buddy and they'll help you find something else to do, while cheering you on.

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"It's the ND's best friend and coach that we didn't know we needed 😀" 
Charline, beta tester who is now a daily user