This is the worst copy ever.


So, I am neurodivergent.

That means a lot of things, but it also means that when it comes to writing stuff like this - I get stuck in perfectionism and paralysis.

I've been trying to write the copy for this project for 3 freaking weeks, and you know what I've accomplished? 3 new modules for my other course, an entire season and a half of Narcos, 3 chapters of a book about running, a re-seeded lawn, multiple Facebook meme posts in place of launch promotions for this offer, 2 researched new potential hobbies, 3 new supplements, a doctor's appointment, 6 pages of journaling, repeated math sketches about how rich and successful I'm going to be when I finally do this, a couple of video concepts, and this.

This absolutely shitty copy.

Now, why am I sitting here writing this shitty copy when I should be selling you things? That's the point of copy, right? To sell stuff? So if I'm not going to sell stuff, why am I writing this?

Because I was stuck.

Because I was in paralysis, and I couldn't write the thing. So I decided to sit down and write the absolute WORST fucking copy you could ever imagine, for something I really believe in, because let's be real:

I can't will myself out of having ADHD any more than I can will myself into being a unicorn, so if I have to live with a brain that paralyzes me in overwhelm, I'm going to have to find strategies and tactics to work around that ADHD brain and do the things that make sense to me so I can function in the world.

So this is the worst copy ever, because it gets me writing.

Run on sentences? Check.

Obscure inner monologue that only other ND humans will understand? Check.

Abrasively swearing because it's how I talk? Fucking check.

Me actually writing the first words I've been able to get out n the 3 weeks I've been trying to do this?

Huh. Check mate.

See, our neurodivergent brains aren't *broken*. All through school, and work, and family life, and traditional business and productivity and personal development work, we've been told that we should just be able to do things.

We fucking can't.

But we're told we should be able to, and especially for those of us who are late diagnosed, we tend to internalize that. To make it mean that we are bad, or flawed, or that there's something wrong with us.

Except that's not true.

None of that is true.

Just like this copy, breaking all the rules but you're still here reading (haha, busted)...

... you can absolutely do what you're here to do, accomplish what you're here to accomplish, without following any of the arbitrary rules of traditional society and productivity and neurotypical thinking in order to do the things.

And the same thing goes for all of the courses, coaching, and education you've gotten in the business world so far.

As a person who is wired differently, I need three things in order to be successful:

1. Skills

2. Strategies and tactics

3. Action

The order does not fucking matter, it's the combination of those three things that lead to success. Missing ANY of those ingredients, and you'll struggle. You'll feel broken.

But you can't SEE the parts you're missing if you're not looking for them, because you've been convinced that YOU are the thing that is broken - not the program you're in.

That's why other courses and programs haven't worked for you before.

Let's take a regular course, right? Group course. They ask you to do a thing. You do it... But it's hard, and it doesn't turn out right. They tell you to just keep trying, but it still isn't turning out right.

What's wrong?

You've been implementing their strategies and tactics, you've been taking action... What's missing?


You don't have the skills (copy, sales, positioning, persuasion, design, whatever) to actually implement the strategy successfully. They (and the people who gave them testimonials) do, so you're made to think that you're the problem.

You're not.

You don't have the skills, and they're not teaching you the skills.

And realistically, in most neurotypical containers, you're not able to take much action anyway because you get stuck somewhere and paralyzed by overwhelm or indecision or just having a dysregulated brain, so you're missing skills AND action.

And then you show up to a group call to get help for this and get told... What?

"Just do the thing."

Just follow the system, just do what you're told, why can't you just be normal and do it the way you're supposed to already!

Ah. Again. This feels so familiar.

All you're getting is another set of strategies and tactics, made by and for someone else.

Someone who doesn't understand what it's like to live with your brain, so they can't possibly understand why the advice to "just" anything is about as helpful as the advice to "just" get a planner. As if you don't have a collection of half-used, abandoned planners as a hobby.

This is why these programs feel like cookie-cutter theory, and they don't work for you.

Now, this shitty copy is here to tell you about something different:

Solo School.

The world's FIRST business school for neurodivergent humans, Solo School brings you a combination of skills, strategies and tactics, AND action - along with an incredible community of people who actually understand you, accommodations built right into the program structure, and the opportunity to learn how to create and sell neurodivergent-friendly programming for yourself while giving back to our community.

Here's how it works:

Everyone here has access to our community, hosted here on Kajabi (and soon to be in it's very own Solo School app.) Being off of Facebook means you can be as anonymous as you like while participating. We can't click over to your profile and tell your mom.

This community of fellow neurodivergent folks are ALL here to get the same kind of support to grow our businesses, so this is a safe space to come and meltdown, say you're stuck, as questions that have been answered 100 times, tell us you can't just do the thing, and be totally safe and supported by people who actually get it. People like you. People who are probably stuck, too.

Twice each month (and more often as our community grows and we can support it) we host 2-hour long group mastermind, coaching, and coworking drop-in sessions. Any time during this session, you can drop in to network, mastermind, support, and cowork with people just like you. Right now, these sessions are all facilitated solely by me - Cheryl Woodhouse, founder of Solo School and sweary copywriter writing this letter.

Over time, other neurodivergent experts will be brought in to help facilitate these sessions until we're at least hosting three per week, every week. This is your place to come and get strategy and tactical suggestions on both business and navigating your neurodivergence.

We have over half a dozen pre-recorded workshops to help you develop skills in areas like planning, organizing in Notion, writing copy, finding anchor clients, packages and pricing, and more. Plus an entire 12-week recorded course on social media marketing as a neurodivergent human. If you need skills support to grow your business in a way that works for your brain, you'll find it here - and this library grows every single month.

We host LIVE workshops every single month. June's workshop is about pivoting and transitions, because it seems like everyone is in the middle of one right now. If you want to feel fully supported and validated in your decision making, and develop the skills to pivot and transition in your business with confidence, come live. It's 2 hours. And the entire curriculum is made with you in mind.

We're building all of these workshops into hands-on, project-based learning experiences. Anyone who has ever taken a coding course knows that the tech people? They've realized how neurodivergent brains learn. We start with "what done looks like", giving you an example to work from. Then, through a series of hands-on exercises, you create your own version of this example as a project - actually developing the skills along the way.

By the end of each project-based learning experience, you'll have a finished piece you can use in a portfolio, you'll be confident you can apply the skill, and you'll know how to actually solve the problems that come up when implementing it. We've partnered with a neurodivergent PhD with extensive studies in instructional design and a background in technical education, both as an educator and administration, to custom-design these learning frameworks.

There's nothing else like this that exists anywhere online.


We'll help you build a course of your own. Using our learning framework, students are eligible to get our support to build their very own project-based learning experience in a neurodivergent-first way to improve learning outcomes and support their peers. These courses then get offered to the larger community of students to build their skills, while also allowing you to promote your services and other offers - directly marketing you to an audience of neurodivergent entrepreneurs who need your help.

By now, you can see why I've been procrastinating on writing this copy.

 This program is the culmination of nearly 20 years of my entrepreneurial journey, exactly 20 years since my first neurodivergent diagnosis. It's the sum total of all of my experience in designing a life and business that works with my brain, and all of the mistakes, and shame, and struggle I've experienced along the way.

This is my life's work, and it really freaking matters to me whether it gets seen in it's best light - or not. Whether people understand it - or not. Whether it succeeds - or not.

And I know you feel that way about your work, too.

So if you're ready to be fully supported by a community of your peers, to develop the skills you need to succeed as a neurodivergent person in a neurotypical world, to be supported in creating your own ND-first learning program and marketing yourself to our community, to get the strategies, tactics, and action support you need that doesn't gaslight you or bypass your struggles and pretend you can "just" do anything...

Join Solo School.

I made it just for you.




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