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We help neurospicy service providers (those living with ADHD, autism, bipolar, and more) to build a consistent income from a successful service-based business that works with their uniquely creative brain.

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End the income rollercoaster, drop the feast and famine cycle, and build a sustainable service-based business.

You've seen the flashy marketing campaigns. It's no secret how everyone thinks you're supposed to succeed as coaches, consultants, and creatives. We're told that to improve our odds of getting "discovered", we should:

  • Become a web designer, developer, and copywriter, and build an incredible website
  • Create a million lead magnets and put them all over the internet
  • Join 100+ groups and spam your links all day
  • Make a Facebook group of your own
  • Create an email list and grow it as much as you can
  • Post on social media every single day - twice a day or more if you can
  • Get in the media by becoming your own publicist
  • Run Facebook ads to get your information out to the world
  • You have to grow an audience. The money is in the list. Without an audience to give you a never-ending stream of prospects for your business, your business will die. You must become an internet celebrity to succeed.

Do you know what I find really interesting about all of the courses out there trying to teach people how to become coaches, consultants or creatives using these strategies?

Those are the strategies that work to sell courses.

I should know - I was a private coach in a high-end mastermind for one of the biggest players in the "build an online course" world. Their number one advice to students building courses was to build a big audience. Generate a list. Run ads. Grow your social media following. Because course-based businesses require a constant stream of leads.

Do you know what all of the successful coaches, consultants, and creatives coming into that program had in common?

None of them had any audience to speak of.

No list. No social media following. No Facebook groups or forums. No ads.

Quite a few didn't even have a traditional "niche" or often took clients outside of their specialized area.

There were health coaches in there, too, so they weren't even all B2B.

Half of them didn't even have a website, and those who did hadn't updated it in years.

And some of these people were making $300k+ per year as a coach, consultant, or creative.

My own experience is identical to theirs. I've spent the past 10 years supporting my family, and the last 3 years quietly making 6 figures, all with a website that doesn't reflect my services, no mailing list (still don't have one), no Facebook ads or social following... Just me, implementing this one strategy.

The key is to need fewer clients to be successful.

It sounds obvious, doesn't it?

Like of course fewer clients means less work and requires fewer leads.

What if, instead of constantly having to find, convert, and deliver for brand new clients by becoming an internet celebrity - spending more than half your time on marketing so that clients come to you "automatically" (sorry, there's nothing automatic about 20+ IG stories a day) - you found a way to sell more to your existing clients?

What if you found a way to build long-term projects that gave you a consistent income for 6-12 months?

What if you learned a new way to reach out to potential clients so that "outreach" didn't feel scary, and you could literally get clients on demand (instead of waiting for those "automatic" ones they promised?)

What if you could spend 80% of your time on client work?

What if becoming successful as an entrepreneur didn't feel like "getting discovered", but like being EMPOWERED?

What if you didn't need to be an internet celebrity with a huge following just to pay rent?

You're already good enough.

All of this "stuff" out there, teaching us that we have to have a big audience or following to be successful in our client-based businesses, it has a tendency to make us feel like we're not good enough.

Like if we don't look like an Instagram model and our branding isn't perfect, if our lead magnets aren't perfectly polished, if we haven't been in Forbes, we can't succeed.

Frankly, that's bullshit and I'm tired of really talented people feeling like that.

Right now, you are good enough. Right now, you deserve it. Right now, you can build a 6-figure business as a coach, consultant, or creative WITHOUT a following and without all of that other crap. Let me show you how.

My name is Cheryl Woodhouse, neurodivergent human and creator of Solo School.

10 years ago I was struggling to attract and retain clients. After years of feast and famine trying to "build my list", I ended up homeless, clientless, and broke.

By 2020, I was celebrating my third 6-figure year with a handful of clients I loved.

I had a bad website, no mailing list, and no social following. But I figured out a way to make my business work with my brain.

Introducing: Solo School

This is more than a course, this is a private mastermind for neurodivergent freelancers and service providers to revamp their products and packages, change up their revenue models, and find new clients so they can build a successful business.

A proven client attraction process that works.  

Inside Solo School, you'll learn the process I've used to attract and retain clients across a variety of industries over the past 9 years. I've done it all without an email list, without a fancy website, without Facebook ads, without DM spamming people, and without a neverending stream of sales calls. I've never settled on a single niche, but I use niching to my advantage. I'll teach you:


This isn't a course, this is a mastermind with structured learning modules. Every single week, we will meet as a group and discuss your individual next steps in the process. Because the process is designed to be repeated, there will always be someone at the same stage as you.


We're building a supportive, inclusive community of people who understands what it is like to build a coaching, consulting, or creative business outside of the normal paradigms of visibility and success. When other groups give bad advice, this is your digital home.


You have enough information. You know WHAT to do. It is doing it that is most difficult, right? We're not here to teach you the basics of running a business, we're here to transform your relationship with your business so you can THRIVE in a model built for you. No followers required.

How Does It Work?

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