Everyone has a unique financial journey. No matter where you are in that journey, the right strategy can help you reach your goals and create more freedom in your life.


I'm Cheryl Woodhouse

When I was 16, I received my very first neurodivergent diagnosis - though I had no idea at that time what that meant. I had already been in business for over a year and was struggling with burnout. All sorts of assessments told me there might be more to my quirky self and my inability to "just do the thing" (as if there could be only one.)

It would be nearly another two decades before I would come face to face with additional neurodivergent diagnoses and finally start understanding why my business had been built in very... Unconventional ways. I created Solo School to share those ways, including the tools, resources, and teachers I used, with others like me.

Work Smarter

Learn to work with your unique skills and abilities, and limitations, as a neurodivergent person with a business.

Feel Supported

Get help and support in navigating life and business from people who really, truly understand you and your needs.

Invest Smarter

Learn how to invest and reach your goals faster.

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Our Story


As most neurodivergent things, Solo School started kind of accidentally. While creating another program and set of services, we noticed that many of our students and clients were neurodivergent like us. So we started creating one-off, pop-up resources for them. A workshop here, a social media course there...

And the more we did it, the more people wanted to buy *everything* we did. To make it easier, we decided to put it all in one place.

So Solo School was born.

"I absolutely LOVED the training btw…. Funny, fluid, informative, personal, and I got SO much out of it. You definitely overdelivered!"

- Colby Ryan

"I will admit. I was super skeptical... But I'm with the others who are saying it was hella worth it just 20 minutes in."

- Deana Tanner

"After taking the Black Friday master class, I was able to apply Cheryl's method to a couple of clients and I'm now fully booked through April 2022!"

- Amy Harrison

Why We Do It


When I got my first neurodivergent diagnosis at 16, I didn't even know what it meant. All I knew was that the world saw something "wrong" with me, and they found an explanation (and a medication) that they thought would make me fit.

But it didn't.

As I slowly figured out how to make things work for me in unconventional ways, I watched others struggle to create and sustain an income that worked for them. Income inequality has never been worse for neurodiverse people, LGTBQIA+ humans, women, and POC. Solo School exists to change that, by giving us the tools to succeed outside of the normal structure of a 9-5 job.


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